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Do you have interest in becoming a Registered Engineer and you have been struggling with the hurdle of NSE, then this is for you.

At the moment you can get registered with COREN without going through NSE or any other engineering body membership. If you don’t belong to an engineering body you will be required to participate in a Professional Interview while those with engineering body membership will not.

This very adjustment in COREN’s policy is an open door for intending Engineers to get registered. Therefore anyone who has been struggling with NSE should better seize this opportunity and do so quickly as you can’t tell how long this will last.

Warning: From September 2016, COREN no longer accepts registration without membership in the appropriate professional body.

What is COREN?

The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, is a statutory body that regulates and controls the training and practice of engineering in Nigeria. The council also enforces the registration of all engineering personnel (i.e. Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Craftsmen) and consulting firms wishing to practice or engage in the practice of engineering. So COREN is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel.

The Portal

The Council has a portal for registration of new Engineers/Engineering Firms, management of existing Engineers and Engineering Firms and processing of all payments. The URL to the portal can be found on the instructions for registration on their website. It is deliberately left out here to encourage you go through the instructions on the source page.


  1. A new user friendly portal was launched as of the beginning of January 2016.
  2. From April 2016 all applications are now online
  3. From June 2016 registration in professional engineering body like NSE is no longer compulsory
  4. Remita is the approved payment processor.

If you have any challenges with registration you can drop your questions.

Following are useful links on COREN’s website to help you with the process:

Becoming an Engineer
Engineering Cadres (Categories)
Registration Instructions

Common issues intending engineers have in completing their registration;

  1. Proceeding to fill the form without reading instructions.
  2. Format of the Technical Report:
    • Submit a summary if you belong to an engineering body like NSE
    • Or submit 3 detailed hard copies at the nearest zonal office if you don’t belong to an engineering body.
  3. Trying to fill their proposer’s registration number with punctuation like “R. 12,345” instead of R12345 as per the instruction
  4. Initiating payment on the Generic Payment page instead of the Registration Page
  5. Initiating payment directly from Remita or bank instead of the Registration Page on the Portal. If you made this mistake, choose the payment option of “Outside Portal” when you are filling the form. COREN account staff will later confirm your payment and your account will be activated.

COREN Contacts

General enquiries: info@coren.gov.ng
Registration isues: registration@coren.gov.ng
Portal issues: support@coren.gov.ng
Account issues: accounts@coren.gov.ng



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