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Earn by deploying Prisec School Manager (package image)

Deploy Prisec School Manager for Schools and Earn

We have an existing arrangement for those who wish to introduce, market or implement our product (Prisec School Manager) for schools. You are to introduce the software, handle presentation/demo, install the software, train the staff and handle minor support issues. We will support you and take care of issues you can’t handle. For this, you earn 30% commission per sales to schools.

Prisec School Manager is a comprehensive School Management System for Nursery/Primary & Secondary Schools. The software has been adopted by 12 schools (2 of which are public schools on pilot deployment which would be expanded to cover many other schools). Our sales has mostly been through 3rd parties and we are looking for partnership with more individuals and organizations.

If you would like to partner with us to implement Prisec School Manager for Schools, please fill the form below to receive more details on the software.

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Prisec School Manager

Prisec School Manager is a comprehensive school management application that you can use to automate your school's administration.

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