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Megaupload LawsuitSix Hollywood studios have banded together in a copyright infringement lawsuit against Megaupload, the wildly popular (although now shuttered) site that, in its heyday, was ground zero for file-sharing.

The suit doesn’t specify an amount of damages, but does say that the studios should be entitled to US$150,000 per copyright infringement, as well as profits earned by Megaupload.

U.S. authorities claim Megaupload facilitated $500 million worth of copyright infringement, and that the website and its kingpin, Kim Dotcom, generated about $175 million. Dotcom, a German national, is currently in New Zealand, where he’s battling extradition to the U.S.

At its apex, Megaupload is believed to have been among the 15 most-visited websites in the world.

The six studios participating in the suit are Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures, Universal City Studios, Columbia Pictures Industries, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Film.

Internet Vs Hollywood

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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