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PriSec School Manager is a comprehensive Nigerian school management solution that is designed to make the administration of schools easy and efficient. With it, administrators can quickly obtain reports like Terminal Results Sheet, Broad Sheet, Academic Transcripts, Transfer Certificates, Debtors List, and Account Ledgers etc. It will take care of bulk SMS, processing of results, boarding management, library management, payment of fees, salaries, sales of materials like books and uniforms, and general accounting for the school. This system effectively eliminates the drudgery involved in record keeping.

Its design comprises of a desktop module and a web module. Most of the administration tasks would be handled on the desktop module while the web module supports limited access to the information and particularly allow parents to have direct access to their wards academic performance. The enterprise license version goes with a full interactive/dynamic web portal/website with provision for E-Payment, Feedback, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Helpdesk (i.e. Parents Online Help Centre) and Social Network Facilities like discussion/chat forums, social groups, multimedia galleries, news and events, and blogs for the school community.

Benefits to Schools

PriSec School Management System is a powerful automated school management software that can provide several strategic advantages to your school.

  • Total Operational Automation.
  • Minimal data redundancy and better organization of school activities.
  • Regular and prompt availability of school updates to parents, teachers and students through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and messaging system.
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students.
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time, resulting in more time to focus on more pressing strategic tasks.
  • Centralised data repository for trouble-free data access.
  • Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and minimal IT skills.
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data to maximize security.
  • High level data security.
  • Multiple Campus Management.
  • Scalable and Customizable.
  • Low Cost of Ownership.
  • One-Time Fee of the System.

Summary of modules

  • Management Information System
  • Student Admission
  • Student Attendance
  • Fee Collection / E-Payment System
  • Library Management
  • Result Processing / Result Analysis System
  • Hostel Management
  • Staff Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Stock Management/Accounting
  • Transport Management
  • E-mail, bulk SMS

Adopted by the following schools:

  1. Monef Kiddies School, Akwa Ibom
  2. Zamani College, Kaduna
  3. Essence International School, Kaduna
  4. Alpha Academy, Rivers State
  5. Dominican Basic College, Rivers State
  6. Christian Montessori Nursery/Primary School, Akwa Ibom
  7. Citadel International College, Ondo
  8. Greater Tomorrow International School, Ondo
  9. Ebenezery Heights International Schools, Lagos
  10. Great Faith International School, Rivers
  11. Aflon Digital Academy, Abuja
  12. Stargate International Academy, Abuja
  13. Homat Academy, Lagos
  14. Creative Academy, Lagos
  15. Maryland Prestigious International School, Akwa Ibom
  16. Graduate Nursery and Primary School, Rivers

and two (2) public schools.

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Prisec School Manager is a comprehensive school management application that you can use to automate your school's administration.

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