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Tertiary Results Manager Software

Our firm has come up with a Tertiary Results Manager to automate the processes of course registration, result computation, generation of transcripts and other relevant reports. The application is in two modules, a desktop module for most of the data entry and reporting, and a web portal that provides students access to course registration and results; limited administrative access to staff and a social network for the school community.

The system handles the following;

  • Fee Administration
  • Online Registration
  • Semester Results
  • Master Marks Sheet
  • Academic Transcript

Need for the system

Successful organizations operate on systems. These organizations keep improving their systems to keep up with the times and competition. Most organizations have already embraced ICT options to leap above the pack.

For academic institutions, the use of customized Database Management systems can make the collection, processing, management, storage and dissemination of information a pleasant affair. A web interface, by means of a portal makes such a solution even more accessible and efficient. Web portals usually contain such components like e-mail, e-payments, e-registrations, etc. whereby students can register for studies, pay their fees and check their results from where ever they choose.

Deploying a solution like this will not only mean better record keeping but prompt generation and delivery of transcripts to requesting students. The social network facilities on the web portal will encourage social integration within the school community and make the management more accessible to students.

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