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In today’s ICT age, every meaningful organization must establish its presence on the Internet, typically in form of a Website. The website can be static or dynamic, depending on the needs of the organization.

Static Websites:

These are websites whose content displayed to users are always the same no matter who is accessing the site and remains so since its upload until the web designer modifies the content and reloads the pages.

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic websites are those that are programmed to deliver different content based on some predefined conditions which could be who is accessing, the date of access, the preference of the user etc. Developing these sites usually involves programming and it takes much more effort and time to develop. Examples of such sites are Yahoo, CNN and Facebook etc.

Today, there are two new types of Dynamic websites that have become so popular, Social Network/Community websites and Content Management System based websites. Social Network/Community websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are very interactive and allow social integration between users. They have become a major attraction to youths. Content Management Systems refer to websites whose content are easily updated and maintained by users with minimal computer knowledge, such that with very little training, these users can update and maintain the website without needing the services of a web designer. This is the way to go if you will love to keep you site up to date.

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